Welcome to the Boys & Girls Club at Kilimahewa Modern Secondary School! Our mission is to empower boys & Girls to become confident, responsible, and respectful individuals through a variety of engaging and educational activities.

About Boys & Girls Club:

The Boys & Girls Club at Kilimahewa Modern Secondary School is a safe and inclusive space for boys and girls to learn and grow. Our program is designed to provide opportunities for boys and girls to develop their leadership skills, build positive relationships with their peers, and explore their interests. Our Boys and Girls clubs are run with the support from KIWOCE and its partners.


Our Boys & Girls Club offers a variety of activities that are both fun and educational. Some of the activities that we offer include:

  • Leadership workshops
  • Outdoor adventures
  • Sports and fitness activities
  • Art and music projects
  • Community service projects


Membership in the Boys & Girls Club is open to all boys enrolled at Kilimahewa Modern Secondary School. There is no fee to join, and we welcome boys and girls from all backgrounds and interests. Students who are interested in joining the Boys and Girls Club can fill out an application form, which is available in the school office.

Join the Boys Club:

We encourage all students at Kilimahewa Modern Secondary School to join the Boys & Girls Club and become part of a fun and supportive community of boys. If you have any questions about the Boys & Girls Club or would like to learn more about our activities, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for considering the Boys & Girls Club at Kilimahewa Modern Secondary School as an important part of your son/daughter’s education and growth. We look forward to working with your him/her to help him/her become the best version of himself/herself.