“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.” -Margaret Mead

As per Tanzania’s educational system, students who finish their Primary education wait for about 4 months at home before starting their secondary education. Also, the Primary education subjects (except English) are all taught in Kiswahili (the national language) and when they start their Secondary education, all subjects (except Kiswahili) will be taught in English. This is a very sudden change for these 13-14 aged students. (Read more about Tanzania’s educational system on our website)

Our Pre Form One program is a bridging course put in place by the school to help these students switch smoothly from Swahili-delivered Primary education to English-delivered Secondary education.

Our Pre Form One program normally starts immediately after these students finish their Primary Education Leaving Examination in September and run up to December every year.

In the first month, students are given intensive training focused on English, Math, and Life Skills after which they are then introduced to other Secondary education subjects (Science and Arts) together with Computer & Information Studies.

Pre Form One program is offered with Day and Boarding options.

Students who have successfully completed this course find it easy when switching to the Secondary education system. After finishing the course, they can enroll in any Secondary school in the country, including our school.

On average, over 150 students have been taking our Pre Form One program every year, signs of the most successful and the largest Pre Form 1 program in our area.

We have been receiving positive testimonies from our former Pre Form-One students who are now in their Secondary schools, and also from Secondary school teachers who are teaching some of our former Pre Form-1 students, showing how our program has helped these students stand outstanding among their peers and excel well in their studies.

This program is suitable for:

Students who have finished their Primary education and are expecting to start Secondary school soon

Students who have been out of school for a long time and want to start Secondary education studies soon