Welcome to Kilimahewa Modern Secondary School, where we are committed to providing a holistic education experience to our students. We understand that the well-being of our students is just as important as their academic success. That’s why we have made arrangements to provide counseling services to our students.

We have partnered with a professional counselor who visits our school regularly to talk to our students. This counselor is trained to help students with a range of issues, from academic stress to personal problems. Whether a student is struggling with anxiety, depression, or simply needs someone to talk to, our counselor is available to provide the support they need.

We also recognize that every student is different, with unique needs and concerns. That’s why we ensure that our teachers are also trained to provide counseling services to our students. Our teachers are always available to listen and offer guidance to our students, creating a safe and supportive environment for them to thrive.

At Kilimahewa Modern Secondary School, we believe that counseling services are essential to our students’ well-being. We understand that high school can be a stressful time, and students may need help navigating the challenges they face. By providing counseling services, we aim to equip our students with the tools they need to manage stress and overcome obstacles.

We encourage our students to take advantage of the counseling services available to them. Whether they are struggling with academic performance or dealing with personal issues, our counselors and teachers are here to provide support and guidance. We believe that by fostering a culture of openness and support, we can create a positive learning environment where every student can thrive.

In conclusion, at Kilimahewa Modern Secondary School, we are committed to providing our students with a holistic education experience that prioritizes their well-being. Our counseling services are an integral part of this commitment, and we encourage our students to take advantage of them whenever they need to. We believe that by working together, we can help our students reach their full potential and achieve their goals.