Tanzania’s Education system
“Tanzania has taken initiatives to make its education system better and accessible to more children”
Tanzania’s education system is a 7-4-2-3 system.

Primary Level education:

The first 7 years are for a Primary Level education to which a student joins in at approximately 7 years of age. All subjects (except English) are taught in Kiswahili language. Upon completion of Standard (class) 7, students are subjected to a Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE), a national test that will determine who will be allowed to continue to the next level of education.

Ordinary Level Secondary Education

This level comes after Primary education and is of four (4) years of study. Students who pass the National Primary school leaving examination are selected to join secondary schools to start their 4 years journey of Secondary education, also known as Ordinary Level (0-Level) secondary education. Here, all subjects (with exception of Kiswahili) are taught in English. On average, students takes a total of 9 subjects (with some taking more). Classes are called “Forms”, making this to comprise Forms 1-4. At the completion of their 4th year, students are required to do the Form 4 National Examination that qualifies them for the award of Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (CSEE). Results are categorized into “Divisions” 1,2,3,4,0 with 1 being the highest pass. This is what Kilimahewa Modern Secondary School is offering.

Advanced Level Secondary Education

Students who pass their Form 4 national examinations are selected to start their Advanced Level (A-Level) Secondary education that takes 2 years to complete (called Forms 5 & 6). Here, they will be majoring in 3 principal subjects (called a “combination”) and 2 subsidiary subjects. At the end, students sits for the


After a successful completion for their A-Level education, students are selected to start their University education, the minimum of which takes 3 years, depending on a faculty of study.


Children can join the Pre-Primary education program for 2 years which comes before the 7 years of Primary education.

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