Welcome to Kilimahewa Modern Secondary School

Cultivating excellence in every student

Located on the slopes of the world’s highest free-standing Mount Kilimanjaro, Kilimahewa Modern Secondary school works with determination to cultivate excellence in every student that comes to our school to produce well educated and responsible citizens who are agents of positive change to their families and nation at large.

The school is located in Sambarai village, Kindi Ward, Moshi District of the Kilimanjaro region in northern Tanzania at just about 6km from Moshi town center. The school is set up just along the Moshi-Arusha highway on a small hill that gives it a perfect view of Mount Kilimanjaro from within its compound.

The school boasts itself of highly utilizing modern teaching methodologies and being a corporal punishment-free school in the Northern part of Tanzania.

Modern technology is highly applied in the learning and teaching processes at Kilimahewa Modern. All our teachers use ICT facilities such as laptops, overhead projectors, high-speed internet and multimedia systems to prepared and present teaching materials to our students. Our students are tech-literate and use the available internet-connected laptops to access plenty of available studying materials under the guidance of our teachers.

Kilimahewa Modern is applauded by parents, former students and a surrounding community as a school where students benefits from lots of extra-curricular programs that are offered by our school and various partners, such as modern farming skills, entrepreneurship skills, sports & games and life skills seminars. By the time students completes their programs of study at Kilimahewa Modern, they will already know how to use a small available piece of land at their home to grow vegetables using organic farming methods, keep rabbits, chickens and also know how find the market and sell their produce, to mention but a few.

Partner organizations are glad to partner with a school where English is emphasized as a primary instruction and communication language, where their students are safe from bullying, hate, hunger and corporal punishment, and where their students are cared for and loved. These organizations (and some individuals, too) bring their students to us once they reach the secondary school age. Some of these students will be coming from orphanage centers and marginalized families of Tanzania, sponsoring their education.

Neighboring public schools consider Kilimahewa Modern as an important partner that allows their students to come to our school every Saturday to participate in the Boys and Girls clubs that are run in cooperation with KIWOCE, a Tanzanian registered NGO. Their students come to our school during school breaks for extra tuition, too.

At Kilimahewa Modern, students learn from the exposure and skills they obtain by joining specific clubs that collects, organize and deliver a variety of extra-curricular knowledge and skills. These clubs includes the Interact Club, Girls and Boys clubs, Tax and Law clubs which are explained in details in this website.

The school is for both boys and girls students with a students’ dormitories that are giving girls a first priority and more opportunities.

The academic year runs from January through early December every year with long breaks in June & December and short breaks in April and September.

Kilimahewa Modern is supported by it’s development partners who enables it to offer its educational programs to students at an affordable rate.

You can be part of our school team by participating in our Volunteer Program that runs throughout the year.